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Our team can teach you how to prepare, write and present with confidence. We also offer a range of other services to help you develop and enhance your personal brand. These are especially valuable for people embarking on a new career or facing a new challenge.  We aim to give you the skills and knowledge to be the very best you can be. All of these topics below can form part of your own specially designed coaching programme and we can teach in person or on Zoom.

  • Presentation skills and public speaking
  • Personal Branding
  • Building self confidence
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Media Training
  • Voice Coaching
  • Styling and Imaging
  • Speech and CV writing
  • Networking

Contact Maggie to breathe some Fresh Eyre into your life or your workplace.

We have trained an eclectic range of clients in a wide variety of occupations

Brooke Neal

NZ Black Stick

"I keep coming back to Maggie because she makes it about me as a whole person and not just my brand or my skills or my workshops. She makes sure that I feel like I’ve got my life sorted. That holistic approach is really important to me."

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Gerard Pollock

Specialist Maritime Office

"What I gained the most from the first session was a feeling of confidence and possibility again with my public speaking and lecturing."

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Eliza McCartney


"The main thing I learnt from Maggie was to have confidence not only in yourself, but the subject you are speaking on. One-on-one coaching meant we could really nail this quickly and solidify improvements."

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Professional Services

e.g. CEOs lawyers, accountants, bankers, executives, engineers, senior managers and IT professionals.e.g. CEOs lawyers, accountants, bankers, executives, engineers, senior managers and IT professionals.

Small business owners


e.g. principals, teachers, students, professors and other professionals in the university and polytechnic sectors.

Creative Services

e.g. graphic artists, artists, authors designers and filmmakers.

Public Figures

e.g. national and local politicians, Justices’ of the Peace and television presenters.

Support Staff

e.g. executive assistants, personal assistants and administrators.


e.g. doctors, nurses, surgeons, counsellors, and other health professionals.


e.g. high performance athletes, athletes with disabilities, a variety of sports teams, Athlete Life Advisors, coaches and other professionals.


e.g. the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation.

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A self confidence booster

Feel Good Friday Clinic!

After hearing from many Creating Presence participants who want ongoing one on one training, and from clients who need personal coaching for a specific event, we’ve decided to hold individual training sessions every Friday at the Fresh Eyre office.

Whether you need help with a wedding speech, job interview, networking event or a business pitch, our one on one tailored coaching sessions can make all the difference. 

Book in a session and tell us what exactly you need help with. We’ll be in touch to confirm the session and get any pre training information we need.

You can also purchase these training sessions as a gift for someone else who might need a confidence boost.  Follow the steps to purchase a session and when you fill out the message section just let us know that it’s a gift and we’ll be in touch for more information.

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We also offer these sessions as Skype sessions. So if you are based out of Auckland, feel free to book a session and just let us know. We’ve trained many clients via Skype – it’s almost like you’re here in person!

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