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Fresh Eyre specialises in helping people raise the bar and deliver results they never dreamed of.

Whether you’re looking for better individual business presentations, more effective teamwork or more responsive customer service, Fresh Eyre can deliver programs tailored to your needs. Our team can help you understand what’s needed to present confidently and with impact, to customers, internal audiences, or in front of an external audience. All our Group Coaching courses are designed to meet specific client needs.

Fresh Eyre can deliver a programme tailored to the needs of your group.

We design each Group Coaching course depending on the clients' needs

Introduction to creating presence

An interactive three-hour course that introduces the basics of body language, voice projection and content.


A practical half-day course for people who want to learn to work a room with poise.

Growing confidence

A full-day course for those who want to take their presentation skills up a notch.

Creating memorable content

A full-day course for those who want to cut jargon and learn to produce business presentations and speeches that have impact.

Image and makeover

Appearance can be everything. Make sure yours is giving the right impression with this small-group session covering clothing, colours, hairstyle and make up.

Team building

Do you want to communicate and work better together? We can help.

Personal Branding

Your personal branding not only impacts your leadership style but ultimately how you choose to live your life. Learn how to create your own personal brand. One that is completely unique and authentic.

Presentation Skills

: A workshop that turns reticent presenters into confident, memorable speakers who know how to rehearse effectively and connect with a variety of audiences.

Michael Dunlop

Chairman, Acumen Group

"Maggie was our star. She is a star performer at many levels. Maggie has an abundance of energy and warmth that clients and prospects identify with. One could not find a better ambassador."

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