Allie Webber

Allie Webber is a creative, media all-rounder with strategic and practical experience in public relations, print, radio, television, research and teaching. She is a nationally recognized media teacher who has trained over 7,000 clients in the government, corporate and community sectors over the past two decades. An additional bonus is six years recent experience as Media advisor to the Mayor of Kapiti. Allie is our ‘Content Queen’ and her speech writing talent adds tremendous value to the Creating Presence programme. She has a strong background in community development and has served on a Community Board, a school Board of Trustees and a number of local Trusts. Allie has been co-leading media and presentation workshops with Maggie for fifteen years having met in the Public Relations firm The Acumen Group in 2001.

Lorae Parry

Lorae Parry is a camera operator, director, voice teacher and actress with experience in television, theatre and radio in New Zealand, Australia, Edinburgh and the United Kingdom. She was Director of Screen Acting at the Wellington Performing Arts School and has directed and shot several short films. Lorae worked as a camerawoman with Fresh Eyre in the United Kingdom and has also been a voice coach for clients. Lorae brings invaluable experience to Creating Presence as a voice coach and camera operator.

Tom Romeo

Tom Romeo has worked for 25 years as a writer, editor, public relations professional and business communications consultant in the United States and New Zealand. He specialises in corporate communications, branding, message development, marketing and Web strategies. Tom previously worked as a broadcast and print journalist, and holds a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. His stories have appeared in more than 50 publications worldwide, including The New York Times, Washington Post, The Australian, NZ Listener and North & South. Tom has worked with Maggie for 20 years, focusing on content and message development in her media training and presentation training workshops.

Daniel Greenwood

Daniel is a freelance camera operator, editor and video producer with over 16 years experience in television and corporate video production, filming and editing in New Zealand and overseas. He has created work for broadcast TV, websites, corporate videos, media training and presentations. His specialties include; Avid, Photoshop, After Effects, 3D Studio, filming, graphics, animation, directing, filming motorsport (rally, circuit and Speedway).

Theresa Healey

For 30 years Theresa Healey has worked extensively in the New Zealand, film, television and theatre industry . Her TV credits include Shortland St, Dancing with the Stars, Blue Rose, Go Girls, Harry and Agent Anna. A regular on stage with the ATC she also is one of NZ's busiest voice over artists. Recently she has been using her experience as an actor and voice coach to help successful business people become aware of how to use their voices more effectively.

Linda Cartwright

Linda acted at Theatre Corporate and the Mercury Theatre during their respective heydays. She was then Head of Voice at Unitec’s School of Performing & Screen Arts for fifteen years. During her career Linda has been given Creative New Zealand grants on two occasions to study Voice with well-known teachers both in England and the United States. She has worked as dialogue/dialect coach on films such as The Lord of the Rings, No. 2 and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and on television shows including Shortland St and Terry and the Gunrunners.

Maggie Warbrick

Maggie Warbrick is a communications professional with considerable experience. Her specialty areas include corporate communications, technology, and digital media. Maggie W and Maggie E, commonly referred to as “The Two Maggies”, have worked together over the past 12 years delivering “Creating Presence” workshops for clients all over the world including Dubai, UK, and Sweden. The combination of skills that The Two Maggies bring is unique delivering a truly memorable and rewarding experience for all participants.

Giulia Sirignani

Giulia Sirignani is an Australian Walkley-nominated journalist with 25 years’ experience working internationally in broadcast and print journalism and as a documentary director. Giulia began her career with Australian Broadcasting Corporation working as a political reporter, Olympics Correspondent and news presenter. After relocating to Italy in 1999, Giulia worked as a presenter for “World Business” which was broadcast in over 30 countries, reported and produced for Nine Network Australia, CNN, RAI (Italy) and written for Fairfax publications. She has trained Fresh Eyre clients both in the U.K and New Zealand.

Judy Apps

Find your voice - in every sense! Judy Apps is an international coach in voice and confidence, an author and inspirational speaker. Combining the skills of a performing arts and business management background, she teaches the secrets of how great leaders inspire others to people from all walks of life from directors of major corporations to BBC producers, politicians, and others. Her work emphasises the reconnection of mind and body – walking the talk – and awakening the ability to move, energise and influence others. Judy’s published books contain powerful tips for speaking and presenting effectively. Her most recent are Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies (Wiley) and The Art of Conversation,(Capstone).

Mary Fenwick

Mary Fenwick on a mission to help women who are driven to make change in the world, without losing themselves. And the men who support that vision. She's a journalist since last century, and a business coach for the last seven years - so that’s a mix of scepticism and optimism. For just over half the working week, her day job is running the charitable foundation for the University of Auckland in the UK. She is originally from Alexandra, Central Otago, and now lives in the U.K. In the last year she's worked with people from Libya, Tanzania, Georgia, India, Tibet, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and of course England and Scotland. All of them, men and women, committed to seeing more women in decision-making, with the overall aim of making the world a better place for our daughters and sons. She's raised four children on her own since my husband died in 2008. She speaks rusty French, and believes in shallow therapy (hello eyelash extensions)!

Margaret Koski

Credit Controller

Margaret is our credit control administrator and provides client services. She also assists with PAYE, GST returns and general tax administration. She has gained valuable experience in accounting in both New Zealand and Australia. She has a son in Auckland and enjoys collecting antique china, gardening, travel and reading.

Tony Eyre

Business Advisor (CA PP)

Tony is a chartered accountant with 40 years’ experience in public practice. He established his own firm in Dunedin in 1985 and merged with JW Smeaton Ltd in 2007. Tony has a particular interest in the creative sector and has provided professional services to a large number of art practitioners over the years. He has served on the boards of a number of community organisations and has been on the Permanent External Advisory Committee (PEAC) of the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic since 2004. He is also an advisory board member of the Dunedin School of Art Foundation. He integrates his professional life with a range of literary and artistic pursuits. With his writing interests Tony focuses on creative nonfiction and essay and feature writing and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines. His website is www.tonyeyrewriter.com

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