Helen Clark

Former Prime Minister of NZ

"She helped me to improve my overall presentation to my long-term benefit, and through my subsequent time as Prime Minister. Her tips and techniques continue to stand me in good stead in my current role at the United Nations."

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Tony McNaught

Former Partner – Corporate Finance KPMG

"Maggie Eyre has been involved in coaching and mentoring a number of KPMG partners and directors over the last five years. Maggie’s enthusiasm and passion demonstrated in undertaking her role has resulted in some outstanding gains made by our partners and directors. "

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Michael Dunlop

Chairman, Acumen Group

"Maggie was our star. She is a star performer at many levels. Maggie has an abundance of energy and warmth that clients and prospects identify with. One could not find a better ambassador."

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Scott Tatom

formerly Technical Capability Manager, Aurecon

"I highly recommend partnering with Fresh Eyre if you are trying to uplift storytelling, presenting or raising confidence levels of leaders in performance situations."

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Eliza McCartney


"The main thing I learnt from Maggie was to have confidence not only in yourself, but the subject you are speaking on. One-on-one coaching meant we could really nail this quickly and solidify improvements."

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Gerard Pollock

Specialist Maritime Office

"What I gained the most from the first session was a feeling of confidence and possibility again with my public speaking and lecturing."

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NZ Black Ferns

Helene Wilson, Former athlete life advisor, HPSNZ

“The women’s Sevens walked into Creating Presence as nervous athletes, and walked out confident women who were ready to tell their story to the world. Maggie and Allie taught them that their presence on the international stage came from within. Such an empowering experience!”

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Brooke Neal

NZ Black Stick

"I keep coming back to Maggie because she makes it about me as a whole person and not just my brand or my skills or my workshops. She makes sure that I feel like I’ve got my life sorted. That holistic approach is really important to me."

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Jenny Bygrave

Former Assistant Vice-Chancellor Strategy, Students and Marketing, Head of Strategy and Planning

“All four of you are so experienced and knowledgeable, the critique and suggestions were always on point and helpful.”

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John Bell

Former Chief Information Officer at Fletcher Building

"I was aware of a number of really talented people in my team who struggled with 'presence' in public situations."

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Jane Kennelly

Director of Frog Recruitment, Fantail Network's 'Showing Up' Symposium, 2018

"Not only did she add vitality and ‘good posture’ to the event, Maggie assisted us to create an extraordinary vibe over those few hours."

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