Elevate Your Brand with Positive Service Experiences

Unlock the power of service excellence with a smile!

The lasting impact of friendly and attentive service on brand loyalty, repeat business, and revenue growth is well-established. Let "The 2 Maggies" be your catalyst for success by strengthening your frontline team through our dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable training style.

Embark on a transformative experience with our interactive course, designed to enhance every aspect of customer service. From mastering both verbal and non-verbal communication to honing active listening skills, our training covers the essentials. Delve into the nuances of empathy and emotional intelligence development, instil a customer-centric mindset, and gain effective presentation techniques that leave a lasting impression. Prepare your team to navigate challenging scenarios with finesse, ensuring that every customer interaction is a positive and memorable experience.

With "The 2 Maggies" your team will not only learn about service excellence, they will also  develop self-awareness and learn how to communicate more authentically.

Let use mpower your frontline warriors to deliver service with a smile that goes beyond satisfaction – creating a lasting impression on your customers.  

Contact us to Elevate your brand.

A self confidence booster

Feel Good Friday Clinic!

After hearing from many Creating Presence participants who want ongoing one on one training, and from clients who need personal coaching for a specific event, we’ve decided to hold individual training sessions every Friday at the Fresh Eyre office.

Whether you need help with a wedding speech, job interview, networking event or a business pitch, our one on one tailored coaching sessions can make all the difference. 

Book in a session and tell us what exactly you need help with. We’ll be in touch to confirm the session and get any pre training information we need.

You can also purchase these training sessions as a gift for someone else who might need a confidence boost.  Follow the steps to purchase a session and when you fill out the message section just let us know that it’s a gift and we’ll be in touch for more information.

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We also offer these sessions as Skype sessions. So if you are based out of Auckland, feel free to book a session and just let us know. We’ve trained many clients via Skype – it’s almost like you’re here in person!

client Testimonials

Coaching Top Performances

“It has been my privilege to work with a range of leaders who’ve appeared on the world stage – some of them the brightest minds in business, IT, education, politics and sport. Most have shared a dread of public speaking – regardless of their experience or qualifications.” Maggie Eyre

Helen Clark

Former Prime Minister of NZ

"She helped me to improve my overall presentation to my long-term benefit, and through my subsequent time as Prime Minister. Her tips and techniques continue to stand me in good stead in my current role at the United Nations."

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Brooke Neal

NZ Black Stick

"I keep coming back to Maggie because she makes it about me as a whole person and not just my brand or my skills or my workshops. She makes sure that I feel like I’ve got my life sorted. That holistic approach is really important to me."

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NZ Black Ferns

Helene Wilson, Former athlete life advisor, HPSNZ

“The women’s Sevens walked into Creating Presence as nervous athletes, and walked out confident women who were ready to tell their story to the world. Maggie and Allie taught them that their presence on the international stage came from within. Such an empowering experience!”

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