“Develop confidence and self-belief that produces a lasting improvement in performance”

Creating Presence is our premium two-day workshop for 6-8 people. Like all our courses it is interactive and focuses on learning by doing. The content is always fun, challenging, experiential and effective. Theatre sports exercises, role-play and live coaching are all part of our repertoire.

This course is not a public workshop. It’s designed with business and corporate organisations in mind. Creating Presence comes with a great reputation and outstanding feedback. It is an exceptional professional development course for staff and team members.

Course Overview

What people get from the programme

  • Creating Presence is our most popular course because participants have two days to practice, present and try new ways of being in front of a supportive audience. Invariably, this leads to an improvement in teamwork and communication.
  • People see themselves on video, get constructive feedback from trainers and their peers, learn to lighten up, slow down, laugh, play and push themselves to perform in ways they never imagined.
  • They develop confidence and self-belief that leads to an improvement in performance that is enduring.

They also

  • Practice key messages, develop better storytelling skills, eliminate jargon and create memorable anecdotes and descriptions.
  • Have opportunities to practice new techniques and target areas of weakness – e.g., using gestures and eye contact.
  • Set goals to break ‘bad habits’ such as frequent use of ‘um’ or speaking too fast.
  • Learn how to deliver ‘openings and closings’ that will hook and engage audiences – regardless of the presentation.
  • Avoid creating ‘death by PowerPoint’.

In summary – they have the most fun they’ve had in ages

All our feedback testifies to Creating Presence being a highly successful and life-changing course for a significant number of people.

key Components

  • A dynamic, two-day 10am-5pm programme for six to eight people, with short working breaks and a catered lunch.
  • Three principal trainers: Maggie Eyre, Allie Webber and Lorae Parry, who bring extensive experience in teaching, presentation skills, media skills, voice production and camera operation (see attached profiles).
  • High-quality coaching and feedback from trainers and colleagues.
  • Opportunities to present and be reviewed in five set-piece presentations.
  • Focused and fun exercises, with practical application.
  • Video recording and playback of key exercises, with high-quality feedback given.
  • Tailored versions of the course developed to suit client needs.
  • Written feedback and online coaching by negotiation after the course.

resources provided

  • Pre-course questionnaires sent to all participants.
  • Background briefing and course administration documents sent to clients before the course.
  • Handouts on key topics – on request.
  • Fresh Eyre ‘Speak Easy’ books available for sale or included in course price.
  • Evaluation forms completed at the end of the course and circulated.
  • Participants receive a USB stick of their work after the course.

Creating Presence Outcomes

  • Creating Presence is our most popular course because participants have two days to practise, present and try new ways of doing things in front of a supportive audience.
  • People see themselves on video, get constructive feedback from professional trainers and peers, and identify with the vulnerability of others. As trust and confidence builds, they lighten up, slow down, laugh, play like children, and push themselves to perform in ways they never imagined.
  • Participants not only increase skills and confidence, they also have time to practise new behaviour and see how it improves their ability to perform and communicate.
  • With more time and practice, participants are able to develop a greater depth of confidence and self-belief. This leads to lasting change and an improvement in performance that is enduring.
“A++++ Best experience in a workshop to really enhance weaknesses into strategy.’’
“Outstanding amount of knowledge and experience; loved every second of it!”
“Not only experts in their fields, but experts in coaching, listening and giving feedback.”
“The presenters have such credibility and it shows through their coaching. They are so knowledgeable and genuine. I have learnt so much from them – listened to their advice and run with it.’’
“Came in with the fear of the unknown; walking away so blessed to have improved my presenting style.’’
“The ‘Dream Team’ are three amazingly talented women who have so much knowledge, expertise and skills to share. They created a comfortable and inviting environment that nurtured and encouraged us to strive for more.”
    “Amazing presenters – felt very privileged having all three. The combination of skills and expertise was brilliant. They made the course less intimidating. It’s a long time since I’ve laughed so hard, I’ve cried and my belly has ached.”
    “Absolutely outstanding! All three were so warm and approachable, funny and fun to be with. Inspiring!”
    “Presenters were amazing – an interesting team. Each brings different flavours, but so relevant to what we were there for. The experience and knowledge was invaluable.”
    “Managed to teach without feeling like I was being taught – very hands-on and engaging.”
    “It was absolutely amazing, I was terrified, but I’m so glad I faced my fears.”
    “I loved the two days. The teachers made me feel so comfortable. Really enjoyed getting to know other colleagues I wouldn’t interact with on a day-to-day basis.”
    “10/10 – would recommend to anyone. Thank you.”

    Brands we have worked with...

    NZ Black Ferns

    Helene Wilson, Former athlete life advisor, HPSNZ

    “The women’s Sevens walked into Creating Presence as nervous athletes, and walked out confident women who were ready to tell their story to the world. Maggie and Allie taught them that their presence on the international stage came from within. Such an empowering experience!”

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