Perfect your PPT : Eyes on you, not the screen

Perfect your PPT skills with our coaching course

Unlock the full potential of visual elements such as PowerPoint (PPT), videos, flipcharts, and other imagery to elevate your presentations. While these materials can help an audience understand your messages, their misuse can detract from the presentation and disengage your audience. Too often, we work with clients who script their entire presentation on their slides.

In our course, "The2Maggies" use their complementary skills in content creation and presentation techniques to revolutionize your visual aids. Learn how to transform these elements to not only add value but also to leave a lasting impression, making you a more memorable and impactful presenter. Perfect your PPT skills with us, keeping the focus where it belongs – on you, not just the screen.

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client Testimonials

Coaching Top Performances

“It has been my privilege to work with a range of leaders who’ve appeared on the world stage – some of them the brightest minds in business, IT, education, politics and sport. Most have shared a dread of public speaking – regardless of their experience or qualifications.” Maggie Eyre

Helen Clark

Former Prime Minister of NZ

"She helped me to improve my overall presentation to my long-term benefit, and through my subsequent time as Prime Minister. Her tips and techniques continue to stand me in good stead in my current role at the United Nations."

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Brooke Neal

NZ Black Stick

"I keep coming back to Maggie because she makes it about me as a whole person and not just my brand or my skills or my workshops. She makes sure that I feel like I’ve got my life sorted. That holistic approach is really important to me."

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NZ Black Ferns

Helene Wilson, Former athlete life advisor, HPSNZ

“The women’s Sevens walked into Creating Presence as nervous athletes, and walked out confident women who were ready to tell their story to the world. Maggie and Allie taught them that their presence on the international stage came from within. Such an empowering experience!”

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