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Speak Easy

Speak Easy is an online workshop turning presenters into confident memorable speakers who know how to rehearse effectively and connect with a variety of audiences. Our two principal trainers are Maggie Eyre and Giulia Sirignani. Together they bring extensive experience in teaching, presentation skills and storytelling. Since Covid-19, Fresh Eyre has made a transition to online coaching with clients in India, Singapore, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. All the feedback is testament to the success of our bespoke programmes.

Speak Easy

Length: 2.5 hours
Number of Participants: Six - Eight participants.
Number of Trainers: Two (Maggie is based in Auckland and Giulia in Sydney)
Platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and any online programme you
work with
Investment: For our online affordable rate contact us. Fee includes
preparation, design and admin. Each participant is offered a 30 minute -1
hour coaching session with Maggie Eyre following the training.

Speak Easy

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Scott Tatom

formerly Technical Capability Manager, Aurecon

“One of the biggest challenges for our leaders at Aurecon is developing the skills and confidence to tell great stories. Maggie and Giulia’s combined experience delivers a learning experience that covers so much ground in a short space of time. We allocated groups of no more than six learners to 2.5 hour interactive workshops, with preparation and homework.

Maggie teaches learners how to relax, be present and speak with confidence. Giulia helps learners craft their story using a variety of simple, everyday language techniques. The experience challenges learners and will push some outside their comfort zone. However, it is also fun, with interactive activities to help make learners feel included and supported in their learning journey.

The learner skill progression is noticeable within the session but the real evidence of success is how much growth the learners demonstrate when they tell their story to an audience. I highly recommend partnering with Fresh Eyre if you are trying to uplift storytelling, presenting or raising confidence levels of leaders in performance situations."

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