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Using Social Media to promote your brand

February 22, 2021

Look to these platforms to help you to promote yourself, your business, your product, or your cause.

Recently I was invited as a guest on NZ television show Breakfast to talk about presentation skills, coaching and the change I’ve witnessed over recent years as technology grows. With the advent of the Internet, social networking, mobile technology, and all of the apps that accompany them, our lives have changed enormously and will continue to do so in ways that we cannot begin to imagine.

Did you know that…

  • 40% off the world’s population now has an Internet connection
  • Nearly 1.4 billion people are Facebook users
  • Over 1.75 billion people now use smart phones
  • Every minute of every day, 300 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube
  • In 2014 LinkedIn had a worldwide user base of 300 million

These stats show just how prevalent technology is in our lives. It is likely that you may need to create a YouTube clip, present via video link, conduct an office meeting via Skype, or build your brand on social media. Now more than ever people need to communicate with confidence and this is where some tried and true presentation skills still apply.  Facebook, Skype, YouTube, LinkedIn – four platforms that play a huge part in our lives and are just too big to ignore. Over the years I’ve seen the best and the worst of technology. Here, I’ve picked just four and will share with you my tips that still apply today.


You may have the technical smarts to put yourself up on Facebook, but if you don’t know what makes a good story, how to tell it and make it interesting in 100 words your readers will quickly move on.

  • Taking the time to develop your content and research your audience is still really important. Think about your audience just as you would if giving a speech. What do they need help with? How can you add value to their lives and/or business.
  • Write your key messages down and create short, pithy posts that will engage them. When using Facebook to promote your brand, it’s also very important to think about first impressions. An inappropriate post or photo has the potential to really harm your brand, your family, colleagues, and clients.


Skype has become an essential tool and has opened up the world of communication to families, friends, and the business community. I use Skype often to communicate with clients, and one thing I have learned is that the same rules apply as if presenting in person.

  • Pay attention to your image and make sure you look professional, check that your technology and internet connection is working, manage potential noise distractions, prepare your key messages and practice well in advance.
  • There are so many benefits to using Skype. You can communicate with anyone, at anytime and it can save you time and resources. But the key is to always be prepared – this also includes a back up plan if things were to go wrong.


Using YouTube is another great way to tell a story about who you are, what you do, and what you care about.

  • When posting videos on YouTube it’s best to keep them short, authentic, and visually attractive. A well shot and edited video can be put to a number of uses both on and offline. At the moment, I have a promotional video clip, a sample workshop, a sample speech, a few interviews with journalists, and a number of people endorsing my books. I often redirect clients to these clips so they can get a feel for my style and the way I work. In my latest interview I did for Breakfast TV, they used various clips that I had on YouTube to introduce me to their audience.


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network where you can grow your connections, job opportunities, and network with professionals in your field. It provides a space for recommendations and testimonials.

  • Think of it as an online resume! Keeping an updated and professional looking LinkedIn profile can not only boost your professional network and grow your business contacts, it is also very useful for potential clients to learn more about you and your expertise. Before any professional business meeting I often search LinkedIn first to learn more about the person I am meeting with. One of my biggest clients came about though an HR manager contacting me through LinkedIn.

Look to these platforms to help you to promote yourself, your business, your product, or your cause. They are a great way to build your brand and your confidence. But remember, tried and true presentation skills still apply. Think about your image and first impression, take the time to research your audience, develop your content and key messages, practice using your technology, and always prepare a back-up plan.

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February 22, 2021

Using Social Media to promote your brand

Look to these platforms to help you to promote yourself, your business, your product, or your cause.

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